Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One more, a dollar short, a day late

This is a little two tone drawing done with design brush markers; the image is from a novelization of the Bride of Frankenstein I had as a kid, which was chock full of shots from the movie, and written by some guy whose pseudoynm was Carl Dreadstone.  I had the Werewolf of London one, too, and I remember doing book reports on both. 

So I had planned to post more drawings like the above this year, but Sandy threw my plans off.  I was lucky, my family and I were not affected by Sandy -- we were very fortunate to never lose power, and we're on high ground in Brooklyn, near the park. We even ended up having a good Halloween, with trick or treating going on in our neighborhood.  So we count ourselves lucky in so many ways, and doing what we can to help our fellow New Yorkers get through this.  Hope you and yours had a good Halloween, and we'll see you next year.  You can keep up with my work year round using the links on the right, especially on Triple Apple Day and in my Picasa web albums. 

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